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Interpretable Machine Learning Using LIME Framework - Kasia Kulma (PhD), Data Scientist, Aviva

This presentation was filmed at the London Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Meetup:

Enjoy the slides:

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Kasia discussed complexities of interpreting black-box algorithms and how these may affect some industries. She presented the most popular methods of interpreting Machine Learning classifiers, for example, feature importance or partial dependence plots and Bayesian networks. Finally, she introduced Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations (LIME) framework for explaining predictions of black-box learners – including text- and image-based models - using breast cancer data as a specific case scenario.

Kasia Kulma is a Data Scientist at Aviva with a soft spot for R. She obtained a PhD (Uppsala University, Sweden) in evolutionary biology in 2013 and has been working on all things data ever since. For example, she has built recommender systems, customer segmentations, predictive models and now she is leading an NLP project at the UK’s leading insurer. In spare time she tries to relax by hiking & camping, but if that doesn’t work ;) she co-organizes R-Ladies meetups and writes a data science blog R-tastic (