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Automatic Feature Engineering with Driverless AI

Dmitry Larko, Kaggle Grandmaster and Senior Data Scientist at, will showcase what he is doing with feature engineering, how he is doing it, and why it is important in the machine learning realm. He will delve into the workings of’s new product, Driverless AI, whose automatic feature engineering increases the accuracy of models and frees up approximately 80% of the data practitioners' time - thus enabling them to draw actionable insights from the models built by Driverless AI.

The webinar will include:

- Overview of feature engineering
- Real-time demonstration of feature engineering examples
- Interpretation and reason codes of final models

Bio: Dmitry Larko is a Senior Data Scientist at He has more than 10 years of experience in IT. He started with data warehousing and BI, now in big data and data science. He has a lot of experience in predictive analytics software development for different domains and tasks.

He is also a Kaggle Grandmaster who loves to use his machine learning and data science skills in Kaggle competitions.

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